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The Achievement First Approach: In the School

Achievement First is a community of doers. We dive into challenges because that’s who we are. We set high expectations so that our students can exceed them. We are preparing our scholars by committing to:

Unwavering Focus on Student Achievement
Focus on Talent

school firmly believes that one of the most important determinants of student achievement is the quality of the teacher in the classroom. Likewise, the quality of school leaders is the most important driver of teacher success. Consequently, process goes to great lengths to recruit, develop, recognize and retain a team of talented teachers and school leaders.

Rigorous Curriculum

Rainbow has clearly defined "scope and sequence" documents that outline the ambitious academic standards that all students are expected to master at each grade level, so that success in one grade can be seamlessly built on in the next. Teachers understand that "covering material" is not our goal; what is important is how well students master the standards.

Strategic Use of Data and Targeted Interventions

teachers give interim assessments that measure whether students have actually mastered what we have taught them. Both teachers and students believe that we need to do "whatever it takes" to make sure all students learn.

Strong School Culture

Immediately upon entering an Achievement First school, you can feel a sense of urgency, order, rigor, focus and joy. Key elements of Achievement First's school culture include the following:

Core values: We call them our "REACH" values, and they are: Respect, Enthusiasm, Achievement, Citizenship and Hard Work. They appear in every classroom and are taught, cultivated and reinforced as explicitly as academics.

Teachers know and care: All the teachers and leaders know the names of all the students. Actively listen to students, Ask students for feedback, experience with care.

Parents as partners: Parents have a mutually respectful and responsive relationship in which goals are shared and the assumption of goodwill exists. It also implies participation in decision-making or an ability to influence decisions.

Focus on attendance: Class time is sacred. Clear attendance goals are set, and strong, swift intervention with students and parents occurs if student attendance falters. A significant part of evaluation consists of his or her ability to maintain 97 percent or greater student attendance.

Uniforms: All students wear their school's chosen uniform.

Joy: We believe that great education should be rigorous AND fun, challenging AND engaging, structured AND joyful. In fact, we evaluate teachers on their ability to ensure that joy is high in every class and dominates regular school-wide celebrations.

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