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General Facilities

General Facilities

The ultramodern Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry & Biology provide a platform for students to nurture the budding scientist within them. Along with a rich repository of 3-dimensional and working models to make learning a pleasurable and realistic experience, all Science Laboratories are equipped with latest hi-tech interactive smart boards for a virtual real life learning experience. Adequate safety equipments have been installed in all the laboratories.

The Social Science labs enhance the learning skills of the students in the subjects like Geography and History, with the use of Maps, Geographical Instruments and Models.

The labs are equipped with latest software and 24 hour internet connectivity.

Words Worth Young Learners, a programme designed for school children, runs parallel to, and complements the school curriculum each year. It progresses through eight levels of advancement. Each module comprises of 40 hours of intense language training, alternating between ILT and CBT sessions.

  • Enhancement of Spoken English skills
  • Practising English using everyday scenarios
  • Acquisition of vocabulary through integrated learning
  • Pronunciation practice using Phonetics
  • Gradual upgradation of English language skills through a structured programme
  • Language Skills gradually upgraded from A1 to C2 level over an eight module course
  • Integrated Functional Grammar
  • Extensive Listening and Speaking Practice
  • Fun-filled method of lesson delivery

Dramatics in school plays a very important role in infusing the students with ability to create and to be creative. By way of dramatics, we provide our students with an outlet for emotions, thoughts and dreams. We at Unison not only provide them with a platform to perform and incorporate their individual skills of acting, but also give them opportunities to witness plays / performances by renowned artists, organised by groups such as ‘Spic Macay’ and ‘Reach’.

Clubs & Societies
The entire school is divided into various Clubs and Societies that allow students to be in groups. The various clubs and societies are as follows . maths Ramanujan club.

Security < br/>The campus is safe + secure with high boundary walls, reinforced at the top by electrified wire fencing, round the clock security, well trained security guards patrol the area. CCTVs are positioned at all entrances and exits, to complement the non-invasive security system. No one can enter without proper authorization.

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